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PaaS Transforming Corporate Operations

Cloud computing has remained in a central position when looking at the modern IT market, as the various solutions and services involved have helped to stimulate widespread advances in operational management procedures while facilitating the deployment of other initiatives such as mobility and big data.

ServiceNow Continues to Change the Game

ServiceNow has been pegged as one of the more disruptive forces in the cloud computing arena, releasing Software-as-a-Service and, more recently, Platform-as-a-Service products that have revolutionized the ways in which this technology can be used.

4 Ways CreateNow is Disrupting the PaaS Market

Applications are everywhere. As some experts have affirmed, a smartphone would not be all that intelligent without the software it is powered by, a computer would have fewer functions if apps were absent and gamification would be virtually impossible from the technology angle without these tools.

The Consumerization of ITSM

IT service management has become a far more common aspect of corporate operations in the past few years, especially through the perspective of industries adopting new technologies and finding ways to get the most out of each investment.