HR Service Management

Focus on People, not Processes.

HR Service Management will streamline and improve HR delivery, freeing up your HR management to focus on people, not processes.

Users enjoy a shopping-cart-like experience which provides access to all services online using the intuitive interface. Let CDW help you transform HR.

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HR Service Management Webinar

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Problems You Face

  • Inconsistent HR service delivery
  • Loss of productivity
  • Poor employee experience
  • Too much time/money spent on routine inquiries
  • Inability to identify and adjust to service trends
  • Large, unmanageable email queues and inbound calls

CDW Solutions

  • Dedicated HR knowledge base
  • HR agents and employees access information on their own
  • Automated workflows for case assignment & routing
  • Simple dashboards & reporting
  • HCM integration
  • Anywhere, anytime access

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