Working with Hospitals and Healthcare ITSM for More than 17 Years.

You’re facing a constantly changing IT landscape and increasingly demanding support environments. We understand that. Our track record in Healthcare ITSM, with hospitals and other healthcare organizations, has given us the perspective required to help you.

“Very organized… Responsive… They make it clear, BY THEIR ACTIONS, that they care about us as a client.”
–Project Manager from Midwest healthcare service organization

CDW’s Private Data Compliance app, SmartPDC, built exclusively for ServiceNow, is taking data redaction to an entirely new level, giving you more control over who sees what than ever before.

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You Play a Unique Role in Healthcare:

  It supports diverse customer sets. Employees, physician practices and clinical staff, with very different roles and needs.

  Healthcare typically sees a higher occurrence of shared technology and equipment, with a greater need for controls and inventory management.

  Consolidation of efforts as providers seek to leverage combined resources, reduce costs, and increase offerings.
  The drive to restructure partner relationships and outsource certain functions—or conversely, bringing more in-house to lower costs and increase control.

  Increased compliance issues and the need for “Health-specific IT.”

“The representatives brought an enormous amount of expertise to the table. Very helpful and very responsive to our needs.”
–Executive Sponsor from Southwest healthcare organization

White Paper: Managing Healthcare IT With ServiceNow and CDW.
Aptris | ServiceNow Healthcare Whitepaper
Many healthcare providers have started to turn to third-party IT service management providers like CDW to overcome the modern challenges of medical technology deployments. Download this whitepaper for information on how ServiceNow can help you manage your healthcare IT needs.

It’s About Leverage.

Leveraging our experience working with some of the most prestigious and largest healthcare providers in the country, CDW can build a comprehensive Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) program for hospitals and other healthcare organizations that will make meeting client needs easier and less risky.

CDW’s ITSM programs are extremely comprehensive and can include:

  Service Desk
  Project Management
  IT Governance Risk & Compliance
  Asset Management
  Service Catalog
  Change Management

“We were (and are) very pleased and impressed by the CDW team’s dedication, professionalism, responsiveness to our development goals, quality of their development work, and follow-up on any issues we presented to them. We look forward to continuing our ServiceNow journey together!”
–Project Manager from East Coast healthcare organization

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