Lacking the Resources to Maintain ServiceNow? CDW Can Help.

Is your ServiceNow platform being underutilized? Do you want to get more out of ServiceNow but you don’t have the internal resources?

With SmartAdmin, CDW can provide program management, implement enhancements, and oversee platform maintenance and customer service while you attend to the larger issues of maximizing ServiceNow’s impact on your business.

Focus on Innovation:
Free yourself to focus on larger initiatives with the greater impact.

Extend Your Team:
Augment your staff with a highly-skilled team of certified technicians.

Accelerate ROI:
Get more results faster out of your system as you prioritize important initiatives.

Reduce Costs:
Save yourself the expense of recruiting and employing full-time system admins.

What Does SmartAdmin Include?


Program Management

  • Provide consultation and recommendations using ITIL best-practices
  • Participate in governance of ServiceNow platform
  • Single point of contact
  • Produce weekly status reports and monthly metrics reports
  • Facilitates quarterly business reviews
  • Collaborate on strategic direction and initiatives
  • Share industry trends and solutions (both technical and process)

Incident Management

  • Tier 2 and higher support for Incidents reported by end-users
  • Unlimited number of Incidents supported
  • Adhere to SLAs within ServiceNow and customer quality standards
  • Match Tier 1 support hours (extended hours available)
  • Monitor trends that indicate need for training or enhancements
  • Examples: User unable to access an application, attachments no longer appearing within ticket, tickets no longer auto-assigned, etc.

Request Management

  • Fulfillment of Services Requests submitted by end-users
  • Unlimited number of Requests supported
  • Adhere to SLAs within ServiceNow and customer quality standards
  • Match Tier 1 support hours (extended hours available)
  • Monitor trends that indicate need for training or enhancements
  • Example: New hire requests access to a ServiceNow application, a manager requests that a user be added to an Assignment Group, add role to a group, etc.

Problem Management

  • Conduct research to identify root causes.
  • Adhere to client Problem Management policies and procedures.
  • Collaborate on solutions using industry best-practices
  • Recommend and document resolution and solutions.
  • Provide regular updates on progress.
    Example: Overnight LDAP integration not pulling over new hires

ServiceNow Enhancements

  • Work with Process Owners to understand and document requirements.
  • Provide estimated level of effort.
  • Facilitate Sprint planning meetings and Story development.
  • Customer selects the number of hours and annual releases.
  • Build strategic roadmap for future enhancements.
  • Create technical artifacts documentation
  • Examples: Create new Service Catalog item and associated workflows, create a new dashboard, add field to existing form, etc.

ServiceNow Maintenance

  • Schedule and perform clones to lower environments
  • Schedule and apply patches
  • Coordinate and notify Customer of planned maintenance by ServiceNow
  • Investigate integration feed errors (AD integration, inbound email actions, etc.)
  • Examples: Perform clones, apply patches, monitor job errors, etc.

ServiceNow Upgrades

  • Implement annual Upgrade (additional Upgrades available)
  • Project planning
  • Coordinate implementation dates with ServiceNow and Customer
  • Test and validate ServiceNow non-Production instances
  • Document steps required to promote to Production
  • Support Customer regression testing in non-Production instances
  • Go-live support for day of upgrade included

Wondering if SmartAdmin would be a good fit?

If you’re already using ServiceNow…

  • Is your current Admin able to keep up with platform changes?
  • Are you confident that planned changes will not increase the workload above what the current Admin can handle?
  • Is your current ServiceNow managed services vendor performing well?
  • Do you have resident experts to ensure you are utilizing the platform to its fullest potential?
If you’re transitioning to ServiceNow…

  • Do you have ServiceNow Admin and support expertise in house that is trained?
  • Do you have headcount to hire and budget to train new ServiceNow Admins?
  • Are you confident that your current ServiceNow Admin is not leaving in the next few years?

Any “No” answers suggest SmartAdmin could benefit your organization.

Learn more about how CDW’s SmartAdmin program
gives you the time back to focus on your business.

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