Lacking the Admin Resources to Maintain ServiceNow? Aptris Can Help.


Let us manage ServiceNow while you focus on your business.

If you lack the resources to efficiently manage ServiceNow and all that comes with it, Aptris has your solution. With SmartAdmin, our ServiceNow experts will remotely manage and maintain your ServiceNow instance, which includes all the upgrading, Service Catalog changes, user administration, and more.

Maximizes your
ServiceNow investment.

Allows you to allocate
time to higher priorities.

Ensures timely
and consistent updates.

What Does SmartAdmin Include?

Program Management

  • Ensuring ITIL and other standards are established and followed.
  • Overall governance of ServiceNow system.
  • Ongoing relationship management — typically weekly or monthly Webex meetings.
  • Adherence to strategic direction schedule.
  • Build documentation process and ensure system documentation is kept current.

Incident Management

  • Customer does triage and sends ServiceNow-related incidents to Incident Management team via email, phone or directly in the customer portal.
  • An incident is defined as an interruption of service to the customer’s ServiceNow production instance.
  • No limit to number of incidents unless there is a pattern of training needed.
  • Business Hours: 8:00am–5:00pm CST.
  • Extended hours available for extra charge.

Problem Management

  • A Problem Record will be opened for any Incident where the root cause is unknown.
  • Problem Records will be reviewed with the customer during regular meetings and can be accessed via the customer portal any time to review status or provide additional notes.

Request Management

Requests can be reported by email, phone, or using the customer portal.

Simple Requests include:

  • Field/Form changes
  • Workflow changes (that don’t change purpose)
  • Service Catalog changes (that don’t change purpose)
  • User admin (user, group, role maintenance)
  • Existing Report changes

Complex Requests include:

  • New Workflows
  • New Service Catalog Items
  • New Forms, Lists, Dashboards
  • Work on other Modules
  • Data Changes/Bulk uploads
  • Custom Reports
  • ACE Report execution/review

ServiceNow Monitoring

  • Aptris monitors your ServiceNow system’s stability and tracks key performance metrics in order to prevent periods of service degradation or interruption.
  • We also manage and maintain all of your production, testing, and development instances of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Upgrades

ServiceNow requires upgrades at least once per year to stay current for support. The following are performed in a standard upgrade:

  • Coordination with ServiceNow & Customer for conversion dates.
  • Perform and validate in Customer’s development instance first.
  • We lead the testing of upgrades, including regression testing, to ensure compatibility of all modules, workflows, and service catalog items. We can’t test what isn’t documented.
  • Coordination and testing assistance for customer after full Aptris testing is complete.
  • Enhanced go-live support for day of upgrade.

We’ve successfully solved complex challenges for hundreds of clients nationwide in dozens of industries. We hope to earn the chance to solve yours.

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