ServiceNow Application Development

ServiceNow provides the vehicle. Aptris provides the results.

Leveraging the ServiceNow’s CreateNow® Platform, Aptris applies more than 19 years of Service Management experience to migrate legacy systems to the cloud and accelerate new strategic initiatives.

ServiceNow is The Platform for Accelerated Application Development.

With ServiceNow’s CreateNow application, drag and drop form development and workflow automation simplify the application development process while maintaining the flexibility and power that is so critical for developers. Creating web and mobile cloud applications to support business process has never been easier. And integrating with other applications and databases, powered by Orchestration, can deliver a complete end-to-end solution. Learn more about CreateNow and request a demonstration from Aptris to see how ServiceNow can be your platform for new application development by requesting a CreateNow demo or project quote here »

Consolidating Applications or Automating Processes?

One key to reducing costs and boosting productivity is consolidating difficult-to-maintain applications into a single platform. Whether it is Lotus Notes® or a homegrown solution, Aptris specializes in creating a consolidation plan and leveraging ServiceNow to create a single source of truth across the organization. We can also help identify key business processes that could benefit from process automation.

An Aptris Technology Review Workshop Can Help!

Through this workshop, we will help you create a tailored road map for consolidation. An Aptris Solution Architect will lead this half-day workshop to review applications that may be candidates for consolidation to the ServiceNow platform. The results can transform your organization’s short- and long-term technology plans. In this workshop, enterprise and core applications are discussed and assessed in numerous areas. As part of the workshop agenda, we’ll look at each application and consider:

  • Current investment and cost to maintain it
  • Support: current levels & future availability
  • User satisfaction levels
  • Productivity
  • Culture considerations
  • Cost/benefit of consolidation for each solution under consideration
  • Viability and ease of migration to ServiceNow
The deliverable of this workshop a list of current legacy applications that may be candidates for migration. We’ll weigh key aspects such as level of effort vs. impact and cultural factors as we guide a discussion of options and next steps. Request information on Technology Review Workshops here »

Ready to Jumpstart your Technology?

Let Aptris help you leverage ServiceNow to improve processes and standardize across more business areas, with a single platform for development and automation.

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