ServiceNow Utilization Workshop & Review

A workshop designed to help drive full value from your ServiceNow investment and enable a culture of continuous improvement.

Workshop Overview

We start by working closely with your team to answer these 4 questions:

  1. Is your current use of ServiceNow supporting your organizational goals?
  2. Are you currently under-utilizing ServiceNow tools that you already own?
  3. Are there low cost (or no cost) ways to better leverage ServiceNow to reduce overhead and improve productivity?
  4. Are there short- and long-term strategies in place for Continuous Improvement of both processes and use of technology—not just for your current use of ServiceNow, but also for extending the solution across additional functional areas, consolidating applications and creating a common platform?

The Aptris proprietary methodology takes a collaborative approach to answering these questions and creating a tailored road map for ServiceNow. Let Aptris help you answer the most important question: Are you fully leveraging everything ServiceNow can do for your business?

Workshop & Review Objectives:

The workshop objective is to review the current level of ServiceNow utilization and the effectiveness of system design and feature usage for the purposes of assessing its ability to support the high level organizational objectives. Part of the process will be to identify gaps between requirements and current design/usage and provide recommendations, including specific action items, for enhancement and improved efficiencies. In addition to the gap analysis, we will also review enterprise applications and identify candidates for consolidation into ServiceNow to reduce costs, minimize system administration and create a single pane of glass for visibility into Service Relationship Management.

Workshop & Review Approach:

The workshop/project outline includes:

  • Goals—Meet to review high level current and future organizational goals and objectives
  • Current State Review—Workshop to review current system design and usage
  • Gap Analysis—Identify key differences between goals and current system design
  • Consolidation Review—Discussion of your organization’s enterprise applications and initial assessment of consolidation viability.
  • Action Plan—Recommendations for enhancements and system modifications geared towards bridging the gaps and establishing a foundation for future growth and continuous improvement

Aptris uses proprietary methodologies and tools including the Aptris ServiceNow SmartRoadmap Tool.

SmartRoadmap Tool

Click the image to request your free copy today.

This tool is a quick and easy way to identify gaps between where you want to be and where you are today. Through a short, 30-minute self assessment, this exercise points us in the right direction and prioritizes discussions and next steps.

The tool factors in weighting, including urgency and impact, to determine which areas are the best candidates for discussion and potential targets for improvement. While this tool is used in the workshop, you can request a free copy of it right now.

Ready to Get Started?

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