SmartCIP Helps You Maximize ServiceNow ROI with Best-Practice Design & Process.

A Continuous Improvement Program
Helping You Increase Returns

SmartCIP helps ensure your investment in ServiceNow continues to drive increasing returns by leveraging best practices in design and process. SmartCIP includes regularly scheduled meetings, coaching, training and configuration.

Align technology with processes.

Enhance service
management levels.

Maximize your
ServiceNow investment.

The Continuous Improvement Trajectory


In the Traditional Approach, the benefits from many applications stay flat until some event, typically a pain point, provides the impetus for change. This is often a reactive approach that realizes improvements only when a significant, often negative event takes place. These “benefit spikes” may be great when they occur, but they can be disruptive and expensive, and in between the spikes there are missed opportunities for improved productivity. Benefits that step-up slowly over time reduce the rate of return on investment.

The Continuous Improvement Approach is designed to proactively improve feature utilization and increase the level of benefits from your ServiceNow solution on an ongoing basis. This CDW program utilizes CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) principles to focus on improving Service Management in your organization. SmartCIP is available as part of every CDW project, or at any time your organization is ready to formalize a structured ongoing plan for growth.

How SmartCIP Helps Your Business

  • Continually align your ServiceNow system to meet changing requirements
  • Regularly enhance your support process by leveraging ServiceNow Best Practices
  • Implement ongoing innovation to expand use across the organization
  • Provide continuing education for your ServiceNow Administrator(s)

SmartCIP can help you consistently experience major gains in productivity and improved utilization over time. Best practice coaching sessions help drive new ideas and enable you to do more and expand the scope of ServiceNow.”
—John Manna | Sr. Sales Manager, CDW

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