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AccelerateNow for ServiceNow by Aptris

Want more ROI? Faster results? Aptris can help.

Have a new ServiceNow configuration or integration project? Aptris can help you accelerate new initiatives, leveraging best practices in ServiceNow design and service management frameworks.

AccelerateNow Projects Can Include:

  • Deploying Service Catalog
  • Implementing and maintaining a true CMDB
  • Expanding Change and Release Management
  • Creating applications with CreateNow®
  • Consolidation legacy applications onto the ServiceNow platform
  • Implementing HR Management
  • Integration with other applications and databases
  • Implementing additional ServiceNow applications such as Orchestration for provisioning
  • Reporting, dashboards and business analytics

  System Utilization Workshop & Review


Are you fully leveraging everything that ServiceNow can do for your business? Are there quick enhancements that can provide big benefits? These are just a couple of the questions we’ll help answer in the Aptris workshop and review. Our proprietary methodology takes a collaborative approach to assessing current utilization, identifying key areas for improvement and creating a tailored road map for ServiceNow.

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AccelerateNow - Road Map 6

  Continuous Improvement Plans

Aptris Continuous Improvement Plans (CIP) plans are powerful, cost effective ways to get more out of your ServiceNow solution, every day. CIP can ensure that your investment in ServiceNow continues to drive increasing returns by leveraging best practices in design and process. Aptris CIP can include regularly scheduled meetings, coaching, training and configuration.

AccelerateNow - CIP Benefits
Traditionally, the benefits from many applications stay flat until some event, typical a pain point, provides the impetus for change. This is often a reactive approach that realizes improvements only when a significant, often negative event takes place. The red line in the chart shows the flat line of progress that takes place between staggered initiatives.

The Aptris Continuous Improvement Plan approach, indicated by the purple line, illustrates the faster rate of increased benefits, attainable through programs that build in a plan for continuous improvement. The Aptris plans are cost-effective, quick to provide value and easy to get started.

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  ServiceNow Application Development

Move beyond IT Service Management, consolidate legacy applications and establish a platform for creating new applications. By leveraging the core ServiceNow platform and CreateNow®, Aptris applies more than 18 years of Service Management experience to migrate legacy systems to the Cloud and accelerate new strategic development initiatives. Learn more about how the ServiceNow Platform can take process transformation beyond IT. With a Technology Review and Road Map for Consolidation, an Aptris Solution Architect will review applications that may be candidates for consolidation to the ServiceNow platform. Sunsetting legacy applications, along with their costs, both actual and hidden, can accelerate operational efficiency while driving down costs. Most compelling are the benefits attained from moving closer to a single platform.

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  AccelerateNow Educational Webinars

Our AccelerateNow webinar series comprise 45-minute webinars designed to help you as a current ServiceNow user fully leverage what you already own. You’ll learn about options and get exposed to topics for continuous process improvement. Examples include:

  • 6 Critical Components of a Successful Service Catalog Deployment. Whether you’ve already deployed a Service Catalog, or about to get started, join us as we share our top 6 “lessons learned,” garnered over many years of Service Request Process work and as a top ServiceNow Solutions Provider.
  • Unleashing the Power of Knowledge with ServiceNow. If you’ve put off implementing Knowledge Management, you may be missing one of the biggest ROI’s ServiceNow offers. Join us for a quick tour of ServiceNow Knowledge tools, including a review of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) concepts and recommended authoring workflows.
  • Yes! ServiceNow Can Do That. Are you fully leveraging ServiceNow? Join us for a quick tour of ServiceNow features, with a focus on frequently underutilized tools and common “phase 2” initiatives that are sometimes forgotten. These may include low hanging fruit to help you boost productivity immediately, as well as some longer term items to help you develop a tailored ServiceNow Roadmap and long-term vision for leveraging this platform to fully transform IT.

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