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3-Day Course

ServiceNow Fundamentals

During this 3‑day interactive training course (formerly called System Administrator Training), you’ll learn about the ServiceNow user interface, receive a summary of the database schema, learn uses for commonly accessed applications, and be introduced to advanced features and functionality, such as scripting and application development.

2-Day Course

Performance Analytics

During this 2-day interactive course, you’ll master the setup, configuration, and usage of the ServiceNow Performance Analytics application. The course is designed for Performance Analytics Administrators, Power Users, and Business Process Owners who require deeper service insight through Performance Analytics.

3-Day Course

Software Asset Management

During this 3-day interactive course, you’ll master the setup, configuration, and usage of the ServiceNow Software Asset Management application: planning a design, defining policies, identifying the information required and how it’s obtained, what the software asset processes should look like, and how the technology can support these items.

3-Day Course

Service Mapping Fundamentals

During this 3-day interactive course, you’ll learn how to discover and model business services to manage service health, determine the business impact of infrastructure problems, simplify the root cause analysis of service issues, and minimize the service impact of infrastructure changes.

3-Day Course

Service Mapping Implementation

During this course, attendees will build on the knowledge gained in the Service Mapping Fundamentals course and will: review ITOM knowledge including MID Servers, Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Bulk Mapping and Error Handling; learn how the Reconciliation and Identification framework relates to Service Mapping; learn Security in Service Mapping implementations; and learn key concepts of requirements gathering and scoping refinement.

2-Day Course

Customer Service Management Fundamentals

During this 2-day interactive course, designed for Administrators responsible for configuring and managing the Customer Service Management (CSM) application, you’ll learn how to place and work with CSM and its related applications within ServiceNow, configure Accounts, Contracts, Assets, and more, and you’ll explore CSM’s mobile features.

2-Day Course

Customer Service Management Implementation

During this 2-day interactive course, you’ll set up users, roles and groups for CSM, learn how to do metrics and reporting, and develop a holistic view of team roles and responsibilities. This course is designed for consultants and implementers who plan to deploy the Customer Service Management application. Other roles include administrators or key team members who want to gain an understanding how CSM should be implemented at their organization.

2-Day Course

Service Portal Fundamentals

During this 2-day interactive course, you’ll learn how to use the Service Portal application to configure, customize, and extend components to create a Service Portal in your own student instance; a safe sandbox.

2-Day Course

Event Management Fundamentals

During this 2-day interactive course, you’ll learn how to enable service-centric operation management through the creation of alerts and actionable tasks whenever an event occurs.

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