Service Management Executive Coaching

Monthly and Quarterly Executive Coaching

CDW offers executive-level service management coaching and guidance on an annualized basis for your executive sponsor and their direct reports. Executive coaching provides a check and balance as you determine important steps of maturity. This leverages our experience and provides both a sounding board, as well as interactive dialogue, as you execute on your roadmap and target important business objectives.

Program Benefits:

  • Provides expert guidance and interactive dialogue
  • Designed to help you successfully lead as you align with your business partners
  • Validates your strategy and tactical execution with expertise
  • Emphasizes the importance of elevating IT as a business partner within your organization
  • Focuses on delivering value and outstanding business results

What’s Included:

Monthly Remote checkpoints with sponsor/reports

Quarterly on-site meetings and strategic reviews

Conversational access to the coach, as needed

We’ve successfully solved complex challenges for hundreds of clients nationwide in dozens of industries. We hope to earn the chance to solve yours.

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