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ServiceNow just launched a Now® Crisis Management program, which includes 4 free-use applications designed to help organizations respond to a crisis. We’d be happy to get you set up with a demo instance, free of charge, so that you can utilize the below to start swiftly dealing with these issues.Not a current ServiceNow Customer? You can still get the apps. Go to:, then navigate to “Emergency Response Management Apps” section and click “Not a Customer?”

ServiceNow’s 4 Free Crisis Management Apps

Click the links below to be taken to the ServiceNow store page for each app.

Emergency Outreach »
Enables employers to quickly notify employees of important information in the event of an emergency. Also provides a simple response interface for employees to self-report their health status to ensure employee safety and anticipate staffing gaps. Graphical dashboards make it easy for employers to monitor status.
Emergency Self Report »
The ServiceNow® Emergency Self Report application enables employees to notify their employer of their health status. An application helps the employee safely return to work. In contrast to email or phone reporting and manual data consolidation, Emergency Self Report provides a digital workflow that captures and automatically rolls up employee reporting data for analysis and action.
Emergency Exposure Management »
During a crisis, this application helps organizations identify employees who may have been exposed to a virus or other illnesses. A manager can analyze the affected employee’s location and Office 365 meetings to generate and export a list of potentially exposed employees. An employer can then contact all potentially exposed individuals and take appropriate precautions. Along with its companion workflows, Emergency Exposure Management helps organizations mobilize their emergency response efforts during crises and streamline and automate activities on multiple fronts.
Emergency Response Operations »
State and local incident command centers are responsible for requesting, managing, and tracking resources in the event of an emergency. This requires the coordination of divisional and field resources across locations and incidents. This application enables administrators in both the central command center and field offices to coordinate how to assign, schedule, and activate resources down to the employee, activity, and day. It can also be used by other organizations who need to manage response resources.

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