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Aptris | ServiceNow Higher Education Whitepaper

The Future of Technology’s Impact on Higher Education. Organizations in every industry are challenged by new technologies and evolving consumer demands. Higher education administrators have to be swift in their management of new services and IT environments. Download this white paper to see how ServiceNow can help your business manage evolving demands.

Aptris | ServiceNow Healthcare White Paper

Managing Healthcare IT With ServiceNow and Aptris. Many healthcare providers have started to turn to third-party IT service management providers like Aptris to overcome the modern challenges of medical technology deployments. Download this white paper for information on how ServiceNow can help you manage your healthcare IT needs.

Aptris ServiceNow eBook

What is ServiceNow? Enterprise IT has been a hotbed for innovation in the past several years, especially as more organizations begin to launch novel technology-based strategies. Cloud computing, mobility and big data were the big topics of discussion, while these services, solutions and trends have been driven by managed service providers. In this eBook, we present the leading cloud ITSM solution: ServiceNow. Click to read more and download the ServiceNow eBook (PDF) now.