Reporting & BI

Do you have key business data at your fingertips? Can you quickly identify service management trends, assess inventories, workload, SLA’s? Or are these and other key performance indicators buried in spreadsheets and disconnected systems?

Modern service management is increasingly turning to accurate data over outdated opinions, and this relies on delivering critical information quickly and accurately—often “on the fly.” At Aptris, we put business intelligence at your fingertips.

  • Get a real time view into IT Service Mangement and customer service performance
  • Create more accurate assessments of workload and where time is being spent based on fact, not opinion
  • Measure, manage and improve customer satisfaction
  • Monitor trends and other metrics that enable proactive decision making
  • Eliminate multiple versions of the truth with a single centralized repository
  • Empower everyone with easy access to key service management measures

Business Reporting Solutions:

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services

SQL Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based reporting solution designed to help you author, manage and deliver both traditional paper-based and interactive web-based reports. SQL Reporting Services uses the data management capabilities of SQL Server.

SMART Report Design Services

Take SRS to new heights with Aptris’ SMART Report Design Services. Includes the SMART Navigator for easy filtering, improved drill-down capabilities, and the ability to view related metrics in one single view. Learn more about SMART Report Design Services.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a powerful, industry standard reporting tool that has strong analysis capabilities and cross platform enterprise deployment options. Crystal Reports software supports development of sophisticated custom reports, using data from your existing IT Service Management and/or from other data sources simultaneously.