SmartPDC—A Private Data Compliance Application Built Exclusively for ServiceNow

SmartPDC - Private Data Compliance App for ServiceNow | Aptris

Aptris’ Private Data Compliance application for ServiceNow is taking data redaction to an entirely new level, giving you more control over who sees what than ever before.

SmartPDC - Private Data Compliance App for ServiceNow by Aptris

Privacy rules for any Task record
Hide specific types of attachments
Redact keywords or phrases
Redact patterns (SSN, Phone, Emp ID, etc.)
Assign both Review and Release Groups
Secure the access and release of sensitive records
Get custom notifications
Request access to secured records

Watch SmartPDC in Action.

Our SmartPDC application creates a step-by-step process within ServiceNow that is dynamic and robust, yet easy to maintain.


Increasing regulations and audits make data loss prevention critical. But when staff and job roles are constantly shifting, how do you ensure data policy compliance? With Aptris’ powerful PDC application for ServiceNow.

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SmartPDC by Aptris

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