CDW and Idaptive—Reducing Security Risks Through Identity Access & Management.


CDW and Idaptive deliver Next-Gen Access, protecting your organization from data breaches through a zero-trust approach. Let us show you how to experience secure access everywhere with reduced complexity and drive new business models that deliver excellent customer experiences.

How We Help You Reduce Security Risks Through Identity Access & Management

Single Sign-On (SSO) Solutions for Secure Access

Single sign-on (SSO) enables secure access to thousands of cloud, mobile and on-premises applications from a single infrastructure. Users only need one set of credentials, protected with Adaptive MFA, to access all applications and devices from anywhere. Idaptive secures identities for both internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers).

Context and Risk-Based Access

Strengthen security with context and behavior-based access controls to all applications. Leverage analytics and machine learning to detect abnormal and risky user behavior while prompting an MFA challenge or blocking access in real-time. Improve security with seamless access tailored to each individual.

Account Provisioning/Deprovisioning and Workflow

Automatically route application requests, create application accounts, manage entitlements within those accounts, and revoke access when necessary. Provision access across cloud, mobile and on-premises applications all from a central control point.

Real-time Security Analytics Services

Trying to build policy that keeps data secure, without killing user productivity, requires a difficult balancing act. Idaptive Analytics Service uses machine learning — based on user behavior—to deliver that balance. Behavior-based scoring enables a friction-less user experience that is adjusted based on risk, improving productivity—while maintaining security.

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