OCM Planning Workshop

A 3-day engagement that helps teams develop a strategic plan for organizational change.

This 3-day workshop teaches participants the Organizational Change Management (OCM) framework for managing the effect of change on an organization including new business processes, changes in organizational structure, overcoming cultural hurdles within an organization, and more.

Workshop Highlights Include:

  • Provide OCM Overview, Training, and Discussion
  • Understand Organizational History
  • Identify Target Opportunities
  • Develop an Audience Segmentation Analysis
  • Develop Communication Plan
  • Discuss Training & Marketing Plan
  • Discuss Coaching Plan
  • Teach Resistance Management Planning

Why is OCM So Important?

Organizational change management is a framework for managing the effect of new business processes, changes in organizational structure or cultural changes within an enterprise. Simply put, OCM addresses the people side of change management.

Why OCM - Because Shift Happens

Sample Workshop Agenda:


  • OCM Overview, Training and Discussion
  • Organizational History
  • Vision Cast
  • Identification of Target Opportunities


  • Audience Segmentation Analysis
  • Guiding Coalition
  • Framework
  • Communication Plan
  • Begin Training Plan


  • Training & Marketing Plan
  • Coaching Plan
  • Resistance Management Plan
  • Questions & Answers

You’ll Develop a Strategic Plan that Includes:

Audience Segmentation Matrix
OCM Primer/ADKAR Methodology
Communication & Marketing Plan
Training & Coaching Plans
Resistance Management Plan

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