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ServiceNow™ Fundamentals – 3-Day Virtual, Instructor-Led Course (December)
Dec 12 @ 8:00 am – Dec 14 @ 5:00 pm

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Course Description

Learn to Configure and Manage a ServiceNow Instance

3-Day, Online Course—Instructor-led and highly interactive. The ServiceNow Fundamentals course (formerly called System Administrator or SysAdmin Training) is designed for users with various organizational roles who are expected to work within the ServiceNow platform. During this 3-day, interactive training course, attendees will learn about the ServiceNow user interface, receive a summary of the database schema, understand uses for commonly accessed applications, and be introduced to advanced features and functionality, such as scripting and application development.

What You’ll Learn

  • Explore lists and forms
  • Identify the importance of branding, as well as how to apply it to the platform
  • Add users, groups, and roles
  • Identify best practices related to task management
  • Configure notifications
  • Manage data with tables, the configuration management database (CMDB), and import sets
  • Run basic reports, as well as the benefits of performance analytics
  • Protect ServiceNow data
  • Work with two key ServiceNow process applications: Knowledge Base and Service Catalog
  • Create workflow activities and approvals
  • Implement Service Level Agreements
  • Identify various available script types
  • Upgrade and clone instances, as well as create baseline performance metrics
  • Capture and move configurations between instances

Satisfies prerequisite for ServiceNow Certified System Administrator. Exam is included with provided materials, at no additional cost.

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ServiceNow™ Software Asset Management
Dec 12 @ 8:00 am – Dec 14 @ 5:00 pm

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Instructor: Kelli Hoeppner, Solution Architect, Aptris

About the Course

Setting up an effective Software Asset Management (SAM) practice includes key milestones:  planning a design, defining policies, identifying the information required and how that information can be obtained, what the software asset processes should look like, and how the technology can support these items. Most successful SAM programs involve a variety of people and departments, including IT, finance, purchasing, services, and end users.  Investing time and careful consideration to build out the SAM practice produces a higher quality outcome.

In this 3-day interactive ServiceNow Software Asset Management course attendees will master the setup, configuration, and usage of the ServiceNow® Software Asset Management Professional application, with a focus on:

  • Managing software licenses (models, entitlements, and metrics)
  • Controlling the cost of purchasing and managing software assets
  • Managing the software asset life cycle from planning to disposal
  • Using software discovery and normalization
  • Reconciling and achieving software compliance
  • Controlling software usage and reclamation
  • Improving IT software asset services to end users

Creating standards and processes for managing software assets

Who Should Attend

The ServiceNow Software Asset Management course is for Customers, Partners, and Employees who implement and administer features, functions, and data associated with software assets. An attendee is a good fit for this course if they perform or advise on any of the following roles or job responsibilities:

  • ServiceNow Implementer
  • ServiceNow System Administrator
  • Software Asset Manager

Upon Completion You Will Be Able To

In this 3-day interactive ServiceNow Software Asset Management course attendees will master the setup, configuration, and usage of the ServiceNow Software Asset Management Professional application.


  • ServiceNow System Administrator or ServiceNow Fundamentals

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