ServiceNow – Next Stop New York

Are you ready for New York? The latest release of ServiceNow is out now, and there’s a lot in store. Dedicated to making work life as great as real life, ServiceNow New York unveils 678 innovations that will revolutionize work life.

The primary focus of New York is to make tasks easier for the employee – a consumer-approach, if you will. Instead of checking across multiple departments for a particular task, an employee has a single, mobile interface much like shopping on Amazon for whatever strikes your fancy. One-stop for all your needs – the same applies to work life and tasks.

Imagine the gains in productivity and efficiency when routine tasks become so easy. This is more than merely improving processes – by changing how employees go about work, you can unleash an entirely new mindset and approach to work that benefits the individual employee and the entire organization.

Top 5 Exciting Innovations in New York

Mobile Interface

You can tackle almost all your work tasks from your mobile. It provides a seamless user experience by hiding the back-end details and tying together multiple departments as needed. All it takes is a few swipes and taps and your work is done. 


The Virtual Agent is enhanced with natural language understanding. So, you can literally just speak to the Virtual Agent in everyday language and get guidance with what you need. Talk about cutting through bureaucracy and red tape.

Predictive Intelligence

The virtual agent and platform use the power of AI to predict your requirements. When you work with the virtual agent, it’s one step ahead of you, figuring out what you need and providing options to help you get your task done.

NLU Model Builder

This builder helps you incorporate your own language and terms for the virtual agent to recognize. So you can augment how you speak to the virtual agent.

Guided App Creator

App-building just became even faster with the guided app creator to create apps that meet your business requirements. Get the app of your dreams in days, not weeks.

These are the most exciting features and innovations in New York. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s many more enhancements in each module of ServiceNow to improve how we work and provide a better user-experience.

ITSM is much more accessible thanks to the Mobile interface of the Now platform. In addition, the Vendor Manager Workspace has more enhancements like automated performance tracking, so you can easily manage all your vendors from a single window. The Service Owner workspace makes it easy to have an eagle-eye view of your service health with an eye on real-time performance. The ITBM, SAM and other modules of ServiceNow are also offering new enhancements with wider functionality.

This is just a sneak peek of what ServiceNow New York has to offer. For more in-depth information on specific modules of ServiceNow New York, you can have a look at the official documentation over here.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for how ServiceNow New York is set to change the way we work. Work should be delightful, so you can do what you love at work and we’re thrilled to be part of this workplace revolution that ServiceNow is bringing to everyone.

If you’d like to explore ServiceNow for your organization, please get in touch with us. In addition to being an Elite ServiceNow partner, we’re proud to be 100% laser-focused on ServiceNow. Whether your requirement is ITSM, ITOM, SAM or upgrading to the latest release New York, we’d be glad to help. Our industry-leading precision will have your ServiceNow module or upgrade deployed and running in no time.

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts is VP of Marketing for Aptris. He joined in 2010 with 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and communications. He coordinates Aptris’ overall marketing and branding strategies.