ServiceNow Continues to Change the Game

ServiceNow has been pegged as one of the more disruptive forces in the cloud computing arena, releasing Software-as-a-Service and, more recently, Platform-as-a-Service products that have revolutionized the ways in which this technology can be used. In many ways, the core differentiator of these products from others in the field center around usability and functionality.

The ServiceNow SaaS services were among the most intuitive and robust offerings in the cloud market, while the new CreateNow PaaS is sending shockwaves through a variety of industries, notably the developer community and enterprises that deploy application strategies. With its latest release, the company has effectively made application development and lifecycle management an attainable reality for any type of organization, regardless of its level of expertise in programming and coding.

More functions released
ServiceNow recently released several new enhancements to its service offerings that act as catalysts for the transformation of delivery and management protocols in enterprise IT. According to the firm, the service-oriented framework now focuses on the consumerization of functionality, meaning that the products are taking a user-centric approach to development and release.

“Organizations relying on email and spreadsheets to run their business are waging a losing battle for efficiency,” Shane Jackson, ServiceNow’s vice president marketing, affirmed. “With ServiceNow, IT can work side-by-side with business users – or even enable them to develop applications on their own – to automate all kinds of service-oriented tasks in literally any business function.”

Some of the additions include new IT operations management applications, executive management and virtualization tools, a new line of automation products and advances on the customer application service program. Notably, the service creator, a new function within the firm’s PaaS offering, will provide non-technical end users the ability? to develop apps with unchallenged speed and accuracy, regardless of what their level of expertise might be.

Why does this matter?
In the past several years, it has become clear that enterprise demand is shifting toward automated, intuitive and efficient technological services, as evidenced by the cloud computing boom and increase of application development projects. As such, ServiceNow is working to meet these demands more quickly than others in the field, and has largely succeeded in achieving this objective.

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