Key Takeaways from Knowledge19: Webcast with Aptris CEO Tim Ancona

BY Tim Ancona, Aptris President/CEO

Last week, myself and 27 of my team attended ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2019 conference in Las Vegas. I was blown away by the way our whole team really immersed themselves in the conference—whether they were teaching classes, attending sessions, or having fantastic discussions at our booth, they were involved and loving it.

We spoke to a lot of people during K19, but one of the most profound things we heard was mentioned during our discussion with Dr. Sergio Sanchez, from Eversana. He said:

We in IT have to make the user experience so simple that the things we don’t want them to do (send an email, pick up the phone) become harder than the things we want them to do.

– Dr. Sergio E. Sanchez, Major Incident Information Technology Manager, Eversana

Some stats from the conference:

  • Largest Knowledge ever — over 20,000 attendees
  • 600 sessions — 90% of them taught by customers
  • ServiceNow community = 270k developers and 100+ million users
  • Next releases:
    • New York: Q3 2019
    • Orlando: Q1 2020
    • Paris: Q3 2020
  • Save the date! The next Knowledge is in Orlando, FL, May 3-7, 2020.

Our 5 Key Takeaways:

1. Hide Complexity; Embrace Simplicity

Work apps can and should mirror the simplicity of personal apps. ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe restated ServiceNow’s commitment to “Make the world of work, work better for people.”

2. Codeless is the way forward

Everyone, even non-coders, should be able to deliver business solutions fast. Using codeless automation and a natural language framework, new features like Flow Designer and IntegrationHub enable more people to create solutions and leave very few reasons to use older features like Workflow.

3. The Power of Proactive IT

New features in New York are enabling increasing IT proactivity. Chief Innovation Officer Dave Wright unveiled new features such as:

  • Alert Intelligence, leveraging AI to identify root causes faster
  • Visual Playbooks, recommending prescriptive actions to stay on top of security threats across the enterprise

4. Unifying the Customer Experience

The Now Platform is transforming customer service operations. Farrell Hough, SVP of Customer Workflow Products, talked about new tools coming with New York, such as the Guided App Creator, allowing companies to unify all aspects of the customer experience through a single app.

5. IT and HR Are Better Together

IT and HR must collaborate to win and retain top talent. Blake McConnell, SVP for Employee Workflow Products, talked about new tools coming in New York, like a mobile on-boarding app and Virtual Agent integrations powered by advanced natural language understanding.

BONUS Takeaway: IT Re-empowered!

IT will drive business innovation in coming years. According to Fred Luddy, ServiceNow founder, “As we become dependent on more and more services, IT becomes more important. Their role is the nexus for all of the technology in an organization. They have an intimate understanding of every facet of the business.”

Tim Ancona, Aptris President/CEO

Tim Ancona is founder and President/CEO of Aptris. Read his full bio here »