How Data Certification Makes Managing Data in ServiceNow Easier

ServiceNow has the capability to store massive amounts of data for your organization. This data comes in from different sources and is vital to the success of the business. However, depending on the size of your company, the information being stored can become unmanageable quickly, and reporting on assets and other components can get skewed.

It’s hard to improve your business if the data you’re using is inaccurate and unorganized.

Enter Data Certification…

Data Certification is a free plugin available for any version of ServiceNow that runs both scheduled and on-demand tasks that can actually be assigned to people in the organization to certify data. Tasks can be created off any table and include whatever fields you deem necessary to meet the criteria of your certification task.

Here are a couple quick examples to whet your appetite.

Example 1: Security Updates Audit

You have an audit coming up and you need to ensure your CMDB is complete. You need to know that every laptop has the latest security updates.
Using Data Certification, you set up a certification task against the computer table to find all computers that do not have “Security Update A” installed. While this could very well be done with a report (which is just more data), doing it this way gives you the advantage of being able to assign tasks to individuals and have visibility into the progress of each of those tasks.

Secondary tasks can also be created. In this scenario, the data comes back and is assigned to your Asset Manager for verification. When the manager verifies that the update has not been applied, another task can be created for the security team to apply the correct updates.

Example 2: Group Memberships

A company can have hundreds of different support or approval groups, and it is important to maintain memberships to prevent unauthorized changes or incorrect access. Often, a ServiceNow administrator is responsible for updating these groups and its members, but what are the chances that these admins will always know who should be included in (or excluded from) every group?

To remedy this, some companies send emails to each manager asking them to verify the members of their group. But that is error-prone, starting with the fact that some managers don’t reply and things get unorganized quickly.

Using Data Certification, you could instead assign a certification task to each manager. A notification gets sent containing a link to the task. The task lists the group name and name of the employee. The manager then checks a box next to the employee’s name and either certifies or removes the member from that group. Once every member has been addressed, the certification instance shows the manager’s name and that the task is complete.

These are just a couple examples of the many ways Data Certification can make your job easier. It’s all about making things more organized and providing greater visibility into the process of managing your business data.

Do you have some processes that Data Certification could simplify? Check it out and don’t hesitate to contact us here at Aptris if you have questions or would like some help getting things off the ground!

Contributor: Terry Owczarski, Aptris Senior Consultant