When we think of Service Catalog design, we often think first of design, colors, icons, and layout. Important considerations, for sure—but it is the taxonomy that provides a solid foundation for everything else. How we organize and classify our services may be the single most important component in the Request and Service Catalog Management Process, yet it is typically a rushed effort, not aligned with our end users’ expectations, and can grow out of control when not managed.

Attendees of this webinar will leave with a clear picture of how a properly designed—and actionable—Service Catalog can help their HigherEd organization overcome key challenges and meet its most important goals.

During this session, we cover the importance of:

  • Comprehensive Listing of Services
  • User-friendly Categories
  • Consistency in Attributes
  • Requesting Services Systematically
  • Automation and role-based provisioning

Attend this webinar to learn how to improve Service Management through an enhanced Service Catalog designed for HigherEd and built on industry best-practices.