Software Asset Management (SAM) is a Piece of Cake with ServiceNow

Software Asset Management (SAM) encompasses the activities and tasks for the management and optimization of all software assets and expenses in an organization. Picture this—all the software that your organization uses, across all its offices and branches in different states or countries—all of that falls under SAM. Yes, it can be a colossal task and regardless of the size of your organization, modern IT environments are complex jungles, constantly changing and adding to the complexity of effective SAM.

Despite the challenges and scale of SAM, many organizations struggle with manual systems that are disparate with multiple touch points. Excel spreadsheets are the favored tool in such manual setups and require many updates. In such a scenario, an organization is living in hope and not certainty that a software audit will not have a negative result. This reactive approach is inefficient and high-risk as the penalties for non-compliance can be substantial. Moreover, a manual system is rarely capable of coping with SAM challenges such as:

  • Unwanted noise during discovery.
  • Tracking a changing IT environment.
  • Cloud complications and license nuances.

The key to surmounting these challenges is an integrated system, and ServiceNow offers a SAM module that provides a single window for all software asset management. Its centralization and single system for taking action sets it apart from other SAM solutions.

Here’s how ServiceNow eases these challenges, making SAM a piece of cake:

Automated Discovery

Discovery is automated and ServiceNow probes can be customized so that unwanted noise can be eliminated during the discovery stage. ServiceNow has the added benefit of being a single source of truth that includes all assets, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Automation minimizes errors, speeds up discovery and ensures that all records are up to date.

Normalization is No Longer a Drag

ServiceNow has an extensive content library that helps automate normalization with accurate results. This powerful automation eliminates manual effort with is both time-consuming and more prone to errors. The library is automatically updated by ServiceNow so you have the latest information, and you can also supplement the library with your own library of SaaS (Software as a Service).

Blacklisting to Bar Unwanted Software

There’s no getting around the fact that employees will download and install unauthorized software, usually gaming applications or media players. In addition to posing a security risk, it is likely to lower employee productivity. Luckily, ServiceNow SAM has a blacklisting feature that can discover and identify unauthorized software which is then flagged for removal. This ensures that you have total control of your organization’s IT estate.

Remediation Capabilities

When issues of non-compliance crop up, you must take action to address them. ServiceNow provides user-friendly functionality to remediate non-compliance. There are easy options to revoke software on a certain device or for a specific user. It is easy for an authorized user to quickly reclaim software if required, or remove blacklisted software. In addition, many of these remediation options can be automated for swifter remediation.

Periodic Automated Reconciliation

Ensuring compliance is not a one-shot deal. It takes regular checks to assess your compliance status. ServiceNow makes this easy through periodic automated reconciliation. You can set how often you want checks to be automatically performed—every week, or some other frequency. These checks monitor software licenses and evaluate your compliance position automatically, meaning you get regular updates of your compliance position with detailed information. Just tell it how often to check, and ServiceNow keeps a lookout for your compliance status.

Reclamation of Software Assets

Identifying software for reclamation is an onerous task, but ServiceNow automates this task based on monitoring software utilization data. ServiceNow plays nicely with other software and usage metering information can be obtained through an integration with Microsoft’s System Center Manager or some other third-party application that serves this purpose. This is truly a massive benefit in terms of optimizing software utilization and spend, while saving a massive amount of time and effort.

Are you still struggling with uncertain, manual systems when there’s a better option for SAM? As you can see, the ServiceNow SAM module makes Software Asset Management a piece of cake, so that your organization can easily:

  • Stay audit-ready with clear compliance status.
  • Avoid financial penalties from non-compliance.
  • Optimize IT utilization for maximum value.
  • Address issues quickly with real-time visibility.
  • Minimize IT expenses across all departments.

If you’re having trouble with Software Asset Management for your organization and need a helping hand, please get in touch with us. As an Elite ServiceNow partner who is 100% laser-focused on ServiceNow, we would love to bring our expertise and dedication to your service and support you on your journey to better SAM.

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts is VP of Marketing for Aptris. He joined in 2010 with 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and communications. He coordinates Aptris’ overall marketing and branding strategies.