What is ServiceNow?

In this eBook, we present the leading cloud ITSM solution: ServiceNow

Enterprise IT has been a hotbed for innovation in the past several years, especially as more organizations begin to launch novel technology-based strategies. Cloud computing, mobility and big data have likely been the biggest topics of discussion, while these services, solutions and trends have been driven by managed service providers.

One of the most important trends in this space has been increased reliance on technology among a variety of organizational departments. In fact, the needs of each arm of a business, including human resources, facilities and project management are beginning to converge.

New technology certainly comes with a variety of benefits, but has also put massive strain on the average IT department. When considering the speed with which novel technologies have emerged in the past few years, businesses and other organizations have had a relentless up-hill battle to deploy the most advanced tools possible without hemorrhaging their budgets or managerial frameworks.

This is why on-demand IT service management that is capable of meeting the demands of a variety parties in each company has become so popular. The cloud has been at the center of many deployments, and represents one of the most effective drivers of efficiency, productivity and optimization, both inside and out of the IT department.

ServiceNow has burst on to the scene, having a profoundly positive impact on adopters. ServiceNow automates enterprise IT operations, bringing all functions into one arena and meeting the demands of Help Desk and Service Management processes. ServiceNow New technology certainly comes with a variety of benefits, but has also put massive strain on the average IT department.

Aptris leverages ServiceNow to optimize our clientele’s IT operations, managing the implementation, integration, long-term maintenance and general support responsibilities so businesses can focus on what counts: their internal operations and achieving objectives on time.

This eBook will shed light on the various pressure-points that organizations commonly have to overcome in the modern market, as well as how ServiceNow assists in the process of surpassing obstacles. With this investigation of specific trends in IT, human resources, facilities, project, platform and service management, viewed through the lens of real-life corporate experiences, you will receive a clearer understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how to do so.

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