The Future of Technology’s Impact on Higher Education Whitepaper

Higher Education Sector’s Service Management Transformation

Organizations in virtually every industry have been challenged by a perpetual proliferation of new technologies and evolving consumer demands. In higher education, administrators have had to be exceptionally swift in their management of new services and IT environments, especially given the increasing volumes of enrollments across the nation.

Whereas certain universities might approach novel IT as a challenge, disruption or threat, others are taking a proactive and advantageous view of the technology. The latter, for obvious reasons, will most often yield positive results, while the former can quickly impair the school’s ability to support its student and faculty bodies on the technology level.

Before diving into the ways in which administrators can tackle the unique challenges of IT service management in higher education environments, though, it might be helpful to first understand the impetus for the modern technological revolution. With a well-rounded perspective on pressure points and user expectations, university administrators will be better positioned to efficiently deploy comprehensive service management solutions.

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