Ongoing mobile adoption requires cloud reinforcement

As enterprises around the world adopt mobile solutions in the workplace, cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings are gaining momentum. This is largely because decision-makers need to reinforce the use of mobile applications and find innovative ways to develop the tools without disrupting other mission-critical operations.

A recent Gartner report highlighted the growing importance of PaaS, noting that approximately 40 percent of mobile application development processes in the enterprise will be supported by cloud solutions in 2016. Because PaaS provides businesses with the IT service delivery, storage and integration capabilities needed to support mobile tools, executives across the business sector will abandon traditional strategies for the more flexible opportunities presented through the cloud.

"Cloud mobile back-end services stand to become a key component of the application development ecosystem," said Gordon Van Huizen, research director at Gartner. "As a result, a given organization may begin using them without first developing the requisite understanding of the issues and risks associated with employing cloud services for application infrastructure."

Van Huizen asserted that this means companies will need to implement advanced training programs that educate individuals on best practices associated with using the cloud without jeopardizing the inherent functionality associated with the hosted services.

Establishing governance best practices
As cloud services disrupt the IT asset management landscape, decision-makers need to be prepared for how the technology will impact existing and future operations. In many cases, creating a well-rounded governance strategy will reduce the risks associated with using the cloud, though these benefits can only be achieved when the initiatives are followed through and deployed correctly, Gartner noted.

The proliferation of the cloud has given way to non-IT developers to create their own solutions. For this reason, organizations need to set some parameters. CloudTweaks stated that an educated workforce will likely lead to fewer problems, though this is not a "solve-all-problems" solution. In other words, enterprises also need to establish some boundaries by implementing access control tools and other security functions that prevent the unauthorized use of the cloud.

There is no doubt that the evolving mobile landscape is having a major impact on the business world. As companies implement PaaS and other hosted services to make developing and adopting mobile applications less complicated, executives need to ensure their use of the cloud aligns with long-term objectives, as leveraging cloud offerings inappropriately can create more setbacks the opportunities.