Booming cloud security confidence should be reinforced

Businesses today are not only using the cloud to improve IT service delivery opportunities, but also to improve their ability safeguard sensitive assets. As cloud technologies around the world flourish and evolve, decision-makers will increasingly use the solutions to manage confidential information available and secure.

This increased enthusiasm in cloud security was highlighted in a recent Thales study of more than 4,000 organizations around the world in which the majority of respondents said they are migrating sensitive resources to the hosted environments. Enterprises also experienced greater assurance in their cloud provider’s ability to protect confidential resources, regardless of cloud model.

Experts said it is important that organizations maintain some level of control over their sensitive application and information, even when those companies are using the cloud. Still, as cloud security perceptions improve, the cloud market as a whole will expand and evolve, driven by the need to improve IT asset management capabilities.

“The ongoing use of cloud Infrastructure, Software and Platform as a Service solutions in the enterprise is providing the workforce with new opportunities to augment traditional security practices with more innovative and progressive strategies,” said Michael Antonelli, president of Aptris. “This is inherently making the business world more secure without compromising efficiency in any way.”

Reinforcing cloud security
Interestingly, the study revealed that many companies believe cloud providers safeguard their assets, although more than half of executives are unsure of what steps vendors take to do so. This suggests that decision-makers should support cloud security endeavors with their own projects.

A CIOZone report said it is important that executives establish a level of trust between their organizations and the cloud provider. To do so, companies should verify what vendors are doing to keep mission-critical assets safe. This often requires a level of transparency between the two parties and clear policies to be built around how employees plan to use the cloud. These steps are crucial  to ensure the cloud is secure, regardless of whether a business and partner have a history together.

As business confidence in the cloud blossoms, enterprise decision-makers need to collaborate with providers to guarantee mission-critical information and applications remain safe while hosted in an off-site environment. By planning ahead and developing well-rounded policies with vendors, executives can be sure their use of the cloud provides long-term security benefits.