4 Ways CreateNow is Disrupting the PaaS Market

Applications are everywhere. As some experts have affirmed, a smartphone would not be all that intelligent without the software it is powered by, a computer would have fewer functions if apps were absent and gamification would be virtually impossible from the technology angle without these tools. Although market conditions and the general outlook once made it more than feasible to only have applications that are out-of-the-box, organizations are no longer settling for these options quite as often. 

Instead, the biggest transformations that have taken place in the information technology sector have been entirely user-centric, with companies provisioning tools that will put the power in their hands. One cannot have this conversation without bringing up cloud computing, which has been one of the most fundamentally important technological developments in history, especially when it comes to user-friendly IT service delivery. 

While Software-as-a-Service is still by and large the biggest component of the cloud computing market – and comprises many of the out-of-the-box apps mentioned above – Platform-as-a-Service has been growing in demand and market size. Much in the way that SaaS and Infrastructure-as-a-Service takes away some of the weightier and more complex aspects of routine maintenance and management in the IT department, PaaS enables application development among a wider range of organizations. 

At first, PaaS was so powerful because it provided an affordable way to deploy the equipment necessary to build and host apps. ServiceNow has disrupted the market significantly, offering its brand new CreateNow PaaS that comes with a revolutionary line of features and benefits for businesses to enjoy. 

Here are four ways in which CreateNow is impacting the market. 

1. Leveling the playing field further
Cloud computing no doubt leveled the playing field between larger and smaller organizations. CreateNow has taken this several steps forward with respect to the development and management of applications.

Larger enterprises with big IT staffs that have a wealth of experience in programming would, for obvious reasons, have the jump on those firms that do not have aficionados by way of coding. This remained consistent even after PaaS was released, as standard options simply provided the hardware necessary for the relevant projects. 

With CreateNow, virtually anyone can develop an application. 

2. Speed of project completion
As long-time application developers, project managers and stakeholders can commonly attest, completing a piece of software has never been a necessarily quick matter. Rather, from requirements management and initial pressure testing to long-term debugging and coding challenges, these projects would take a long time to finish. 

CreateNow was built with the specific premise of moving these activities along more quickly and intuitively. When building applications, the user will be able to more fluidly move through each process because all of the backend, arduous requirements are automated. 

3. Success of completion
Did you know that a large portion of enterprise IT projects fail? Last year, InformationWeek reported that failure rates for technology projects range between 75 percent and 35 percent, while poor requirements management and other aspects that are present in application development life cycles are generally at the root of the problem.

Now, with applications, there are myriad issues that can sprout up over time that lead to either immediate or long-term failures, either way negatively impacting the company's bottom line. With CreateNow, businesses will not only see success rates go up for application development projects, correcting issues can be completed more quickly than ever before.

Rather than having to break down the app and start looking through endless lines of code to identify where thing went wrong,  

4. Skills gap cure?
With applications – as well as the Internet of Things and forthcoming technology advances – being in such high demand, many experts have worried about the impending skills gap and how it would impact the average business. In the past, if a business could not staff an IT department with skilled coder and programmers, application development would be simply impossible. 

This might end up being the area that CreateNow has had the greatest impact, as users will create and tailor applications with clicks of the mouse rather than writing code. When looking specifically at the PaaS market, no other competitor can compare to this advantage. 

Key takeaways
At the end of the day, competitors in the PaaS market have been openly challenged by the CreateNow service, as it has taken virtually every pain point that prevents successful software development projects in the enterprise and thrown them out of the conversation. 

While other players, especially the largest ones, continue to try and knock down prices for their PaaS products, this still does not empower businesses with the tools necessary to actually develop, deliver and manage the applications themselves. 

ServiceNow has been hailed as the most disruptive force in the SaaS industry for years, and it has now successfully expanded its reach in the PaaS arena with CreateNow.