How to Be an ITSM Superhero – Part 1

ITSM (IT Service Management) can sound like the arena of routine service requests that are part of every company’s IT requirements. But don’t be fooled—without good ITSM an organization can flounder, and its efficiency and productivity can fall by the wayside. Good ITSM is essential and it’s much more than resetting passwords and supplying software and hardware as required. To be an ITSM superhero, you need 8 key skills to keep your functions flowing smoothly without IT-related delays.

In Part 1 of this blog series we’ll go over 4 key skills to be an ITSM superhero, and we’ll cover the remaining four in part 2.

4 Skills for Being an ITSM Superhero

1. Communication & Interpersonal Skills

An ITSM professional needs to be able to convey highly complex technical information to various users who are not well-versed in IT jargon. They have to translate such information into language that the average user can understand and easily digest. Different approaches are necessary for different types of users, and these distinctions are part of the standard toolkit of every ITSM superhero.

2. Automation

Chatbots and automated processes are the primary forms of automation used in ITSM customer service—but these are just the first steps. While automation can be implemented for service requests, even before a user places a request, automation on the network will always require human approval or denial, as network actions can have disastrous consequences in some cases. Artificial Intelligence and analytics will play a part, but overseeing automation and knowing when to intervene will remain part of the skill set of ITSM professionals in the future.

3. Business Management

An ITSM professional needs the right blend of technical knowledge and business understanding to see how business goals align with IT. In other words, an understanding of how the business works and its primary objectives is necessary for an effective ITSM strategy. Having the requisite skills to run ITSM like a business and ensure that it aligns with business goals is essential to the ITSM superhero.

4. Change Management

Change happens rapidly with technological advancements, making change management a vital skill for ITSM professionals. Digital transformation includes changes to processes and IT infrastructure, so ITSM professionals must have a big-picture vision spanning business objectives and workflows, as well as IT activities and requirements. Part of change management is being able to communicate why change is happening and encourage adoption. The ITSM superhero helps users see why this is a good change, why it is necessary, and what’s in it for a specific set of stakeholders.

As you can see, it takes much more than mere technical skill to be an ITSM superhero. In part 2 of this blog series, we will cover the next 4 skills an ITSM superhero needs. Aside from the right people, you also need the right technology to handle your ITSM. With its industry-leading functionality, cloud capabilities and transparency, ServiceNow is one of the most popular choices for ITSM.

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Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts is VP of Marketing for Aptris. He joined in 2010 with 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and communications. He coordinates Aptris’ overall marketing and branding strategies.