Cloud Computing’s Positive Impact on IT Service Management

Cloud computing has been one of the hottest technologies in the corporate IT arena throughout the past several years, as organizations from virtually every industry begin to use these services for a variety of purposes. In most cases, businesses make the switch away from traditional legacy systems and toward cloud services in efforts to streamline and optimize IT service management and delivery procedures. 

The cloud can quickly reduce the amount of financial strain a company faces in the modern, technologically driven market landscape, all the while enhancing the ability to deploy other novel strategies and solutions. The industries that are working under the most stringent regulatory compliance, security and procedural requirements are often good examples of just how prolific and intelligent procurement of cloud computing can be. 

Financial services and the cloud
Expert David Linthicum, writing for Datamation, recently reported that many banks and other financial services firms have started to use the cloud, and that security concerns continue to deplete among decision-makers in this field. Notably, the financial services sector – much like health care – has been tasked with swiftly deploying new technologies and management frameworks while maintaining strict compliance with privacy and security regulations. 

The author cited one study found that while security fears once hindered adoption, the sentiments among leaders in this field have changed. 

"The capital markets are set to increase investment in cloud services, continuing the trend of technology adoption in the industry," Ovum researchers explained, according to Linthicum. "New research from the global analysts indicates that due to improvements in cloud security and a wider variety of applications, investment in cloud, by both the buy side and the sell side, is set for further growth.  The research highlights that although the capital markets aren't fully integrated with the cloud, this situation is set to change in the coming years."

The broad view
There is no denying that IT asset management and service delivery have become more complex amid the constant proliferation of new technologies and strategies, especially in high-level areas such as financial services and health care. However, using progressive cloud computing solutions such as ServiceNow has gone a long way in streamlining the modernization process for organizations in a range of regions and sectors. 

By knowing the facts about cloud computing and taking an intelligent approach to IT service management based in these solutions, organizations can begin to excel in their respective markets.