Embodying Machiavelli: A winning IT decision-making strategy

As the technological age continues to pressure decision-makers to take steps toward innovation, IT asset management professionals need to consider a new approach to the age-old challenge of properly launching advanced practices in the workplace. Recently, experts have begun to idolize the concept of becoming a wolf in sheep's clothing, as this aggressive, yet social, approach will often lead firms to success.

A Gartner report highlighted the importance of embracing this philosophy, noting that "Machiavellian" decision-makers can improve an organization's ability to function during today's constantly shifting technological and operational landscape. Experts said executives must understand that the business world thrives off of Darwinian principles where only the strongest are able to survive long enough to compete.

"Technology and business needs are changing every day. If organizations are to remain efficient in the long run, they must take a 'no mercy' approach that will guarantee the outcome of every decision is positive," said Michael Antonelli, CEO of Aptris.

Tina Nunno, vice president and Gartner fellow, highlighted how CIOs and other executives need to be comfortable with obtaining and using power to their advantage, as failing to lead the workforce into unfamiliar territory will cause companies to remain stagnant. This is simply unacceptable in today's fast-moving and highly competitive business world.

Gartner analysts noted that enterprises relying on antiquated IT asset management and procurement strategies will find themselves more vulnerable – a weakness that will affect long-term productivity. A separate PC World report, which highlighted a study of more than 1,500 executives by the MIT Sloan Management Review, noted that nearly two-thirds respondents described their pace of technological transformation as too slow. This is largely due to complacency, which is impacting the way companies function on a fundamental level.

Experts noted that the evolving technological landscape, while critical to the success of the business world, can be complex to navigate, as taking even a single wrong turn can result in substantial losses. Companies need to plan ahead and understand what their organizations need before jumping into IT endeavors. Gartner analysts said a company's ability to succeed is directly tied into how well decision-makers can lead their teams to victory. By planning ahead and building a structured, well-cultured program, rather than an ad-hoc strategy, enterprises will improve their ability to thrive in an otherwise unpredictable environment.