Observations from Knowledge18 – Day 2!

Hi All,

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my day 1 blog!  I’m not sure if it’s because you made me feel so good about it or if it’s just guilt from our marketing team (LOL), but I decided to write one about today as well.  And, honestly, today was probably even more exciting because the focus was around what’s coming next in SN, so prepare to geek out as I share some of those highlights.  ?


CJ Desai, SN’s Chief Product Offer, led today’s keynote by saying we are in the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution which is focused on Artificial Intelligence, Genomic Sequencing, Nanotechnology, and Quantum Computing.  That sounds more like the futuristic plots on the TV shows “Orphan Black” or “Fringe” to me (both of which are binge-worthy if you’ve never seen them, btw!), but CJ says these things will be our reality soon enough.  Most importantly, though, he emphasized this is the first time a revolution is human-centric and centered on how we live and work.  To support that, SN is moving from their “technology as a service” era to the “era of great experiences” where they will focus on three things:

  • User Experience
  • Service Intelligence
  • Service Experience

To demonstrate, he walked us through several new features and functions, and these were my three favorites:

1. AGENT WORKSPACE – coming in London

SN has entirely redesigned the UI for fulfillers to manage incoming calls, chats, and tickets.  The tag line is “A command center to prioritize and take actions from one screen”, and it really is!  Here’s the opening screen:

You can see the chat and phone icons in the green left nav space that will tell an agent/fulfiller when something is coming in via one of those channels, and then across the top, they can have multiple tickets open (without having to flip back and forth or have multiple windows open anymore!).  What’s even cooler is what the screen looks like when you click on one of those tabs to view/work a ticket:

There are three columns of data, and the one on the right, named “Agent Assist”, is brand new.  It uses intelligence to try and find relevant knowledge articles or other record types to try and help you resolve the issue.  Also note that tabs and related lists, like “Task SLAs”, “Affected CIs”, and “Child Incidents” appear across the top now.  I love that because it’s all on one screen with almost no scrolling!

2. VIRTUAL AGENT – coming in London

This technology will give users the ability to “take chat from conversation to resolution”.  From a mobile phone, users will be able to use ANY chat tool to launch SN’s Virtual Agent and write, in conversational text, what they need.  Then, SN will use their new smart technology to interpret and translate that into the appropriate SN Request and allow them to complete the entire request within the chat.  That’s so cool!

Here’s an example of a user who’s damaged their laptop and needs to order a new one:


I may have saved the best for last.  In Madrid, SN is going to give us a no-code tool that will allow us to assemble mobile apps in HOURS for both iOS and Android devices.  Here’s an example of a field agent being assigned a P1 ticket and accepting it from their mobile phone:

Here’s an example of a manager being asked to approve a bonus for an employee from their mobile phone (and look at all the other things they have access to do as well!):

And, finally, here’s an example of a fulfiller viewing and managing their Incident queue from their mobile phone:


These three examples, plus several others they shared, all seem to support SN living up to their new “era of great experiences”, and as both a ServiceNow Partner and User, I can’t wait to help our customers implement these and implement them for ourselves internally!  ?

I hope this was as enjoyable or informative as yesterday’s edition, and I’ll have more for you soon …


Contributor: Paul Mitchell, Aptris VP of Delivery Services