The Tim Ancona Leadership Blog

The Tim Ancona Leadership Blog

I’ve had the good fortune of being in a variety of leadership positions for over 25 years and in the CEO position for 19 of them.

During that time, I’ve also been instrumental in helping other leaders, in some cases by sharing my mistakes so they can avoid them. That’s where the idea for these videos comes from. I’m always interested in getting better myself and doing anything I can to help others.

In these video blogs, my commitment is to be brief and to provide actionable information to help you in your leadership role. If you enjoy what you see, I hope you won’t be shy about posting comments that will help me improve.

Thanks for your time, which is the most valuable thing we can give.

–Tim Ancona


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What’s Your Color? [VIDEO – 7:25]

We just completed one of the most fun, and busiest, weeks for our company: our annual meeting, Converge. This year, we welcomed some guests from Insights Discovery, and they taught us about how we each communicate. Both how we want to be communicated with, and how our colleagues want to communicate. There are four colors …

Open Your Doors [VIDEO – 1:48]

Last week, my family and I traveled to Italy to try to find my grandfather’s birthplace. We found it, but I realized that in order for me to have found it, the people living in his former home had to open their doors to me—a complete stranger. They were so welcoming. That’s no small feat …

Focus on the Journey [VIDEO – 1:30]

My wife, Karen, and I recently did a hike in beautiful South Dakota. Scenic, right? Except the higher we got, the more fog rolled in, until we couldn’t see anything! That’s when Karen suggested we just focus on enjoying the journey itself. The same concept can easily be applied to the business world. There’s so …

2018 Global Leadership Summit Recap [VIDEO – 7:48]

About a week ago, I took a group of employees to the 2018 Global Leadership Summit, held at Rockford University. This year’s theme was “Everyone Has Influence,” and the speakers included Pastors TD Jakes and Craig Groeschel, author Danielle Strickland, and even TED Talk alum Simon Simek. They spoke passionately, had wonderful knowledge to impart, …