ITSM Simulation Workshop

Maximize the Business Impact of your Internal Service Provision by Practicing in our IT Business Simulation Workshop

We provide a realistic IT/Business Simulation workshop that educates leadership and stakeholders in the business structure of process with technology, and engages your technical team with the business drivers of the program.

Our workshops enable your project team to test and build their knowledge and skill sets to a level that will mitigate risk and lower their operating costs.

How we run a simulation for your organization:


We ask a few questions:

  • What is the Business vision of your project?
  • How’s the project’s success measured?
  • What are the internal and external risks?


We design an approach:

  • A customized strategy on how to implement our workshop within your project time-line
  • Provide ideas on how to present the workshop


We deliver:

  • A practice environment that raises the operational maturity.
  • A post-project survey that proves consensus and identifies existing culture risk.
  • An in-room workshop, either 4 or 7.5 hours in duration (12–30 people).

Are you effectively transforming the cost of your team?

This workshop is used globally by executive teams of Fortune 1000 organizations and government departments. It’s high-energy and best completed with your whole team.

Participants are given roles in a sub-optimal business unit in which they have to respond to real, everyday challenges and transform processes and underlying technology that meet the needs of the business.

ITSM simulations help drive business decisions that stop the fire before it starts.

  • Planning

    IDENTIFY Political, Business, Process and Technology issues
  • Design

    ALIGN Leadership and staff with process and each other
  • Development

    DELIVER Projects that succeed with project teams that work together

We’ve successfully solved complex challenges for hundreds of clients nationwide in dozens of industries. We hope to earn the chance to solve yours.

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