Event Management Fundamentals Virtual Training


Enable Service-Centric Operations Management

2-Day, Online Course—Instructor-led and highly interactive. Event Management (EM) starts with an event generated from a monitoring solution and ends with automated remediation of an infrastructure issue. As a standard piece of the IT Operations Management Suite, this application is a manager of managers, recording events generated in third-party monitoring systems acted upon as alerts, and other tasks, in ServiceNow. This course is designed for IT Operations Management, and those who work with infrastructure events and alerts.

ServiceNow Event Management Fundamentals

During this course you’ll learn how to:

  • Create IT alerts from anomaly alerts generated by Operational Intelligence (OI)
  • Create actionable tasks, such as Incidents, from alerts
  • Navigate key EM and OI application components (e.g., Insights Explorer, Anomaly Map)
  • Capture and record Events in ServiceNow
  • Generate meaningful alerts from events in ServiceNow
  • Capture and record metrics using Operational Intelligence

Price: $1,700 per student

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