Working with Leading Higher Education Institutions for More than 17 Years.

The Aptris team possesses a strong core focus in Higher Education. Since 2001, we have been working with leading Colleges and Universities across the country to improve processes and enhance Service Management.

White Paper: The Future of Technology’s Impact on Higher Education.
Aptris | ServiceNow Higher Education Whitepaper
Organizations in every industry have been challenged by new technologies and evolving consumer demands. Higher education administrators have to be exceptionally swift in their management of new services and IT environments. Click to download this whitepaper on how ServiceNow helps your organization manage these evolving demands.

Aptris Recognizes Key IT Challenges & Goals of Higher Education:

  The diverse IT needs of its population may include administrative staff, students and faculty requiring colleges to often support different types of “customers” with different needs and different SLA’s.

  The need to expand beyond traditional IT, more than many other industries, to include Facilities Management, Audio/Visual Services, Resource Management and Project Management.
  Seasonal workloads provide challenges for staffing and other resources, and temporary student workers require intuitive interfaces and the ability to ramp up quickly on “The Desk.”

  A progressive culture and expectation to be a leader in technology, with budgets that can often make this a challenge. Flexibility and creativity become key elements to success.
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It’s About Leverage.

Higher Education IT organizations are relied on to establish a high-tech reputation for the campus, which extends beyond simply providing high levels of service. Leading technologies and processes are key.

Aptris’ ITSM programs are extremely comprehensive and can include:

  Service Desk
  Project Management
  IT Governance Risk & Compliance
  Asset Management
  Service Catalog
  Change Management

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The Future of Technology’s Impact on Higher Education Whitepaper

Higher Education Sector’s Service Management Transformation Organizations in virtually every industry have been challenged by a perpetual proliferation of new technologies and evolving consumer demands. In higher education, administrators have had to be exceptionally swift in their management of new services and IT environments, especially given the increasing volumes of …